Laser Targeting Systems and the Future of GPS


Global aerospace and defense tech company Northrop Grumman® recently announced a collaborative project with the privately-held high technology company Trex Enterprises Corporation®.


Northrop Grumman® ranks 4th among the largest defense contractors in the world while Trex® has worked with the U.S. government on programs related to homeland security, defense and force protection.

This endeavor could lead to great advancements in GPS systems.
Trex has been developing core technology that can navigate celestial regions with extreme accuracy. This system is intended for use in military and scientific applications. The partnership between the two companies will allow Trex’s system to be integrated into ground targeting systems. This will give military personnel far greater control when locating targets all over the planet.

Northrop Grumman already completed formal qualification for a ground soldier targeting system that utilizes the celestial enhancement. Systems have been implemented for use by deployed soldiers. These include portable, handheld and vehicle mounted devices that are employed to help guide smart munitions and airborne laser rangefinders with improved precision.

“The integration of celestial navigation technology marks an important milestone on the precision targeting technology roadmap,” said Northrop Grumman’s vice president and Laser Systems general manager Gordon Stewart. “We will continue to grow the application of celestial navigation for precision targeting across our production laser systems for U.S. and coalition warfighters.”

While these impressive improvements have already been utilized by the military, it makes the average person wonder what kind of impact it could have on GPS technology for civilians in the coming decades. Our current models are relatively accurate and work with a long list of handy accessories like Bluetooth® enabled devices and of course, the GlareStomper® GPS shade, yet there are many more improvements waiting on the horizon. These systems and products could change the way we live and work on a day to day basis.