Go On a Guided Adventure with Geocaching!


GPS is frequently used for very practical applications, like finding your way around an unfamiliar city. Did you know that GPS can also be used for a unique recreational activity called Geocaching? Getting started is very easy. All you need is GPS and an adventurous spirit.

The activity involves using your GPS to locate containers, called caches, which are hidden throughout an area. These can be found in many different regions, from wooded spaces to urban sprawls. They are sometimes placed in locations that are meaningful to the person hiding them. A reliable GPS hood may be beneficial if you plan to go Geocaching frequently. Removing display glare will make it easier to read directions as you try to find more challenging cache hiding places in different settings.

The idea is that when a geocache is found, the person who located it can add an entry to the logbook contained inside and may pick out an item that was left by previous finders. An item of equal or greater value should be left behind to replace the one removed, that way there’s an interesting collection of geocaching treasures waiting for the next lucky finder.

Geocaching websites are available that let participants sign up and obtain coordinates to find caches with detailed information on the activity, types of containers used and the general rules of the “game.”

Some GPS manufacturers have even gone a step further by developing Geocaching tools. Garmin offers Chirp, a wireless beacon that can be placed inside a cache. The beacon sends out a signal that lets handheld Garmin devices with wireless access know that the cache is nearby.

Geocaching is a great modern activity for couples, individuals and families with children. With 2 million geocaches hidden across the globe, it’s easy for anyone to get started. You may find that one or more are located right in your hometown. Geocaching is a fun modern pastime that gives people more reasons to get out and explore their communities. Simply obtain coordinates to a cache, put on your GPS visor and you’re ready for an exciting adventure!