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GPS Is Used in More Than You Think!

There’s no denying the impact #navigation technology has had on society as a whole. More vehicles are equipped with #GPS systems and more accessories like the GlareStomper are made available. Some people even use GPS for fun through geocaching. What if you’re not into geocaching and you don’t travel often? There are many ways that GPS technology influences how we live.

Public Safety & GPS

GPS lets law enforcement and EMS personnel work much more efficiently. In fact in some ways it also makes the streets safer for the average law-abiding citizen. Police chases used to put pedestrians and other drivers at risk. Criminals are more inclined to drive recklessly at high speeds if they think the cops are right behind them.

GPS allows police officers to track criminals in stolen vehicle without getting in their cars and physically chasing them. They can remotely follow the vehicle and come up with a strategy for safely apprehending the suspect. Many police departments have a GPS device that can be launched and will attach to a surface so the vehicle itself doesn’t have to have built-in GPS for this method to work.

GPS Everywhere

Lightweight GPS devices are being placed in shoes and clothing. Some GPS footwear includes a panic button so you can summon help if you have an emergency while away from home. A British company started installing this technology in school uniforms so students can be easily monitored and found throughout the day.

Some grocery stores even include GPS on shopping carts to help consumer navigate aisles to find what they need to buy. GPS for pet collars and golf balls is also available. All this tracking has really changed the way society works, although some caution that we must be careful to not sacrifice our privacy for a little modern convenience.

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