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TomTom’s Improved Go Series PNDs Won’t Be Replaced By Smartphone GPS

Many people have found that most of their mobile devices can be set aside for a single smartphone. A good smartphone can do a lot, but TomTom has improved its PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) so they won’t be trumped by the average mobile phone.

What’s So Great about the TomTom Go Series PND?

There are many attractive benefits to owning a TomTom PND. The Go series costs less than a smartphone. Users will also find greater accuracy with the PND because the TomTom Go products cover 99.9% of all roads. The display is designed to be large with boisterous speakers so the device is easy to see and hear while traveling in a vehicle.

Families will appreciate the share-ability of the TomTom Go series. A single device can be shared among family members without buying extra units or services. Reliability is always a concern when using a smartphone to navigate. While mobile devices may lose connection (and, in turn, their ability to navigate), the Go series PND is committed to navigation only so a loss of reception won’t impact its ability to provide accurate directions and maps.

Even if you have a built in device with GPS hood in your car, you may find that the PND is even more attractive. This device is versatile because it can be removed, which also reduces the chances of theft, and doesn’t require pricey map updates. The Go series is available in the $120 to $300 price range, with the bigger screens available at the higher end of the pricing scale.

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