Garmin K2 Glass Cockpit Transforms Your Dashboard into a Command Center

The Garmin next-generation infotainment system known as the K2 Glass Cockpit has grabbed the attention of GPS enthusiasts, bloggers and others. This model was inspired by the company’s marine and avionics technology, bringing elements of those systems to the automotive market.

What’s the Big Deal About the Garmin K2?
The system is controlled using a 10” touch screen which includes a customizable 12” instrument panel that is installed behind the vehicle’s steering wheel. The second display contains all the basic gauges as well as vehicle information, navigation data and communications like email and text messages. The driver can even see information on the music they are currently listening to.

The K2 utilizes an impressive dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor which allows feed content to appear on multiple screens within the vehicle. There are also displays for passengers sitting in the back.

While the Garmin K2 introduces a number of exciting extras, it stays true to its original purpose. Real time information is provided, including traffic updates, weather forecasts, parking info and gas prices. The system connects to smartphones via Bluetooth which provides access to even more media.

The K2 is equipped with 3D navigation capabilities so the driver can see city models that are visually stunning and realistic. The device also helps the driver plan their trip more efficiently with “to do” lists and reminders. The driver simply creates their list or reminder and adds specifics like time or location. Once the time and/or location is reached, the device issues the reminder.

Safety and the Garmin K2
Garmin K2s will also feature advanced voice control, which is a great feature that lets you use the system without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. This is a big plus considering the number of traffic accidents caused by distracting devices. All you need is a good GPS visor and you’re ready to travel safely with the Garmin K2 Glass Cockpit!