What About GPS for the Dog? Garmin’s New Astro and Alpha Dog Collars

From car units with Garmin hoods to wrist band devices and units for aviation, there’s GPS for just about everything these days. Now you can add the family pet to that list. Garmin has introduced new collars for its Astro and Alpha product line.

Both systems are intended for use in canine tracking and training. The new collars are equipped with GPS capability so dog owners can keep tabs on and communicate with their beloved pets.

GPS Collar Improvements for Pet Owners
The new devices are designed to satisfy the requests of dog-owning Garmin customers. They include improved satellite reception with an optional vibration. Each collar is made to be rugged so it can keep up even with high energy breeds and dogs that are often taken to less hospitable regions beyond the dog park.

The TT 15 version includes vibration stimulation which can be tailored to the individual dog’s temperament. The vibration can be used as a silent command so the dog will respond to the owner without any verbal cues or gestures. The TT 15 includes a battery life of 24 to 48 hours, which is plenty of time for doggy day trips without a recharge.

The Astro and Alpha collars are available as part as two new Garmin bundles. The Astro bundle contains the T 5 collar and Astro 320 while the Alpha version includes the TT 15 collar and Alpha 100 as well as a new 1 year subscription to BridsEye Satellite Imagery, which offers high resolution aerial views. The collars can also be purchased individually as upgrades to an existing dog training system.