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Top 5 U.S. Roadside Attractions

Top 5 U.S. Roadside Attractions

With nice weather just around the corner, many people are starting to plan their vacation road trips. There are so many fabulous sites to see in America and so many sites that very few people have even heard of, that we wanted to put together a list of some great roadside stops that will stun and amaze the erstwhile traveler. After scouring the internet, we found five articles that gathered up some incredibly interesting roadside attractions that will provide a lot of great options for taking those much needed breaks on your road trip vacation.

#1: Our 10 Favorite Roadside Attractions in America

From the world’s largest teapot in Chester, West Virginia to Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska, Nathan Erb writing for has found some really fun and unusual roadside attractions that will make your next road trip a lot more fun. Some of his suggestions will amaze you and some might make you just want to say hmmm, but they will all provide some fun and great picture opportunities on your next road trip. Read the full article here.

#2: 10 Most Unusual Roadside Attractions in the U.S.

If you’re contemplating your next road trip and trying to find some great roadside stops that aren’t the same old thing, then this article by Jeanne Cooper for, is really going to help. Whether it’s the world’s largest Pez dispenser, or the vacuum cleaner museum, if it’s the strange and unusual you’re looking for then Jeanne has definitely found it and now you can to. In addition to the weird and strange roadside attractions she mentions and gives details on, Jeanne is a very funny writer. You may want to take this article along with you on your trip so you can read her take on some of these places as you visit them. Get all the fun details by reading the full article here.

#3: Oddly Charming Roadside Attractions From Every US State

Bob writing for describes the roadside attractions he highlights in this article as oddly charming. We’d describe them as must see at least once. These fabulous attractions range from the incredibly beautiful in the case of the world’s largest hedge maze in Hawaii, to the just odd as in the case of the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas. There are a wide variety of oddly charming roadside attractions in this article and they occur all over the country. So no matter where you’re traveling, you’ll want to read the full article here so you can make sure you don’t miss anything you absolutely have to see.

#4: 25 Wackiest Roadside Attractions in America

If you want to put a wacky spin on your next road trip, then make sure you check out this article by Kaeli Conforti for We agree that she has definitely found some of the wackiest roadside attractions this country has to offer. From the amazing Cadillac ranch to the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum, these attractions may be a lot of things, but boring is definitely not one of them. Check out all the fun options for your next trip by reading the full article here.

#5: Photos of America’s Best Roadside Attractions

This fabulous photo essay posted on, also includes great descriptions and details for each of the fun roadside attractions. Whether you’re in the mood for the largest peanut display or the largest fire hydrant, you’ll find photos of it and directions on how to find it for yourself when you read the full article here. 

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