America's Best Scenic Drives

For as long as Americans have been taking vacations, road trips have been a staple year after year. From driving down route 66, to those summer long trips to visit every state in the mainland, road trips are a great way to see parts of the country you wouldn't normally see. Picking a scenic route is key to a successful and memorable road trip. From the islands of Hawaii, to the great New England region, here are some of the best and most beautiful scenic routes around the country for your next road trip.

If you find yourself on the islands of Hawaii, you will find three of the most scenic highways on the big island you could ever imagine. The three state routes there are collectively called the "Hawaii Belt", stretching around the entire island for about 300 miles. On this incredible route, you will encounter hardened lava rock, jungles, beaches, even live lava flows, for one of the most diverse scenic tours you will see in your entire life.

Hopefully you like long stretches of water, because the seven mile bridge in the Florida Keys will give you one of the most incredible views you will ever see. Set along a 113 mile long stretch, the Knight's Key Bridge stretches nearly 7 miles long after a hurricane destroyed over 30 miles of train track. If you find yourself further north on the east coast, the Blue Ridge Parkway stretches through Virginia and North Carolina to provide one of the most breathtaking natural areas in the country.  469 miles long, this highway winds through the Appalachian Mountains. With an incredible amount of trees and hiking trails, this is the nature lover's ideal road trip spot with so many great places to stop off at.

If you climb your way into the New England area, the Brandywine Valley road connects you from Pennsylvania to Delaware to provide some of the most amazing views through some of America's rich, historical states. Heading back west, the Utah area provides incredible views throughout the Patchwork Parkway. This 51 mile long stretch is an excellent route for those interested in Native American history as there were many areas along this route where they would hunt. With amazing red rock peaks and plateaus, this area seems like it serves as the perfect setting for the Western films of the 1950s and 60s.

From Hawaii, to Delaware, there are a plethora of incredible and breathtaking routes that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. So get on out there and hit the road!