Coolest Road Trip Gadgets

Family road trips during the summer are some of the best memory making activities around. Once you block out the bad memories of the flat tire in the middle of the desert or the car died and you didn't have jumper cables, the fun memories of bonding as a family make road trips a classic family vacation. In the 21st century, there are plenty of outstanding gadgets that can now make your trip an easy and more enjoyable experience, so you can stress less and relax more.


For those longer drives, having a quality cooler to keep snacks and drinks in is an excellent idea. You will thank yourself when you save money at gas stations every several hundred miles. What about essentials for an emergency kit? Duck tape is an outstanding resource to have with you, and while you might not ever need it, you'll be happy to have it if that day comes.


Keeping yourself entertained on a road trip is another great way to help keep your sanity when you are stuck in a car for hours on end. A portable DVD player is an excellent feature to add to your vehicle to help pass the time. Trying to catch up on your reading? Consider investing in a portable ebook. With thousands of books available to be loaded onto them, these gadgets will have you turning the pages in no time.


How are you getting to your destination? Are you using a traditional paper map, or have you upgraded to a top of the line GPS system for your vehicle. If you are wise and have moved into the 21st century of road trip navigation, keeping your equipment in tip top function and condition possible. There is no better way to do this than with the original soft folding GPS shade/visor from Glare Stomper. This product fits everything from Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, and much more, to cut down on GPS screen glare and give you a better road trip experience. These top of the line screen glare stoppers create a darkened tunnel around the display by blocking sunlight from every angle in order to provide the driver with a much better display. With a 30 day, money back guarantee, there is no way you can go wrong with a GlareStomper.


No matter how long your road trip is, having the right gadgets and tools to pass the time is key to a successful vacation. Check out some of these great accessories to help make this next road trip the most memorable yet!