Best Road Trip Apps

With the great weather coming, it’s time to get out on the road and have some family fun. Today there are many apps that are very handy to have when you’re on a road trip and we found some of the best. Whether you’re trying to find the best road side stops for fun and adventure, or you just want to find the least expensive gas near to where you are, you’ll love the information we’ve come across. From new options in the world of GPS to satellite radio stations that play from your phone, and much more, you’ll be amazed at what some of these apps can do to enhance your next road trip. 

15 Apps for the Best Road Trip of Your Life

When you’re out on the road driving through areas you may not be familiar with, it sure would be handy to have an app available to find the best spots to stop, the best places to eat and maybe the nearest bathroom stop. In this article by Julie Bogen for, she brings us several of the best apps on the market today that will make your road trip fun and hassle free. From Waze that gives you up to the minute traffic info and more from people like you that are using it, to gas buddy that helps you find the cheapest gas that’s closest to you, the apps she presents will make your trip a lot easier. Get all the great info by reading the full article here.

10 Free Road Trip Apps for a Smooth Vacation

In this article by Max Knoblauch for, he brings us some of the latest apps for making your next road trip vacation a blast. From apps that point out great stops for science and nature exploration, to an app that gives you all the historical interest sites as you are traveling, to a special star gazing app that lets you identify those constellations you’ve always wondered about, there’s so much to see and do when you’re taking any trip and these apps will help you avoid missing anything wonderful. When you’re traveling with children, you always want to take educational opportunities when you can and make them fun. Many of these apps will help you do just that. Get all the information on these wonderful apps by reading the full article here. 

5 Great Road-Trip Apps

Whether you’re on a summer road trip by yourself, with a loved one, or with your whole family, you’ll definitely want to check out this article by Tom Samijan for He examines the top five apps that you really want to have for any road trip. Whether you want a great online satellite radio app, or you are looking for a more comprehensive GPS system, or you want an app that’s going to let you know about all the quirky little roadside stops and attractions you’re near, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for when you check out the full article here.