Must Have Motorcycle Accessories for Road Trips

The weather is great and it’s time to get out your motorcycle and ride. Whether you’re tooling around town or planning an epic road trip, there are certain things you always want to have with you when you’re riding your motorcycle that will make your ride more enjoyable and help you mitigate any possible downsides along the way. We went to some motorcycle riding experts to get their lists of must haves when it comes to properly equipping your motorcycle for long road trips. These accessories will make your road trips a lot more fun and more comfortable as well as safer. The final article also gives some great things to keep on hand that will get you out of just about any jam you can get into.  

Motorcycle Gear: 4 Must-Buys for Riders

In this fun filled article by Katie Malark for, she uses her personal experience and her humor to fill us in on what some the must haves to keep in your motorcycle kit, particularly if you’re going on a long ride. After a fun filled ride with her dad to an event, they ended up having to ride home in the cold rain. This was the start of both her love for riding, and her love for being prepared. You’ll get some great tips and tricks and a very hand list of the things you absolutely want to have when you go on a long motorcycle ride when you read the full article here. 

5 Motorcycle Road Trip Tips to Tour in Comfort

Sherry Long writing for, gives us a great list of ways to make our next long motorcycle road trip more fun and more comfortable. These accessories can be added on to your bike fairly easily and will make long rides something you’ll look forward to a lot more. From a more comfortable seat to highway pegs and motorcycle friendly travel bags, these items will make your ride more enjoyable, and frequent stops less necessary. Whether you want to upgrade your audio system or your navigation system, you’ll get the latest in technological information by reading the full article here. 

10 Essentials for any Motorcycle Trip

If your motorcycle road trips take you into those out of the way places that often don’t have cell phone service or you like to take your bike on those weekend camping trips, then this article by Sean MacDonald for is a must read. The items he has on his “must have” list are not the typical ones you find, but are definitely great things to have on hand. While it may not always be practical to have all of the items, if you’re going on a long trip or someplace out of the areas that you know, then you’ll definitely want to make your best effort to try and have them all. Sean not only gives his own list, but also asks his readers to give their list of must haves, and reading the whole article here, will give you a wealth of information for your next long road trip.