Top 10 Strangest but Coolest Maps Ever

Maps have long been a fascinating insight as to how people have viewed the world for centuries. Since explorers began to venture out in the world and find new lands and territories, maps have constantly been changing, updating the world on new lands and developments. While the world has been discovered and mapped out completely for some time now, a few centuries ago, the world was truly seen in a much different way.


The work of cartographers would sometimes produce interesting takes on what was perceived to be land from above ground, with different interpretations ranging from one cartographer to the next. One of the more interesting ones was in circulation beginning in 1581, as the Travels According to the Scriptures revealed the world being shaped like a clover, Europe as a female figure, and even more interesting, the area known as Asia resembling a mythical horse with wings, otherwise knows as a Pegasus.


In 1533, Hernan Cortes set out on an expedition toward North America that would eventually lead him to what is now known as California. Cortes and his crew were unexpectedly forced to sail home early before seeing the entire area, and foolishly said California was an island. This rumor remained fact until 1774 when voyagers discovered that it in fact was not an island after all.


While English and Spanish are clearly the two most common languages in the United States, have you ever wondered which ones come after them? A map created by a writer at Slate discovered that a wide variety of languages are spread throughout the country, as Native American languages are still prominent in the southwest, while German stretches everywhere from Idaho to Ohio.


A common theory is the continents were once combined to form a massive supercontinent known as Pangea and they split apart to rest where they are today. Have you wondered what Pangea would look like today with the countries aligned how they are. This map shows an interesting concept with western Africa just off the east coast of the United States, with the north side of South America residing where the Gulf of Mexico is currently located.


Have you ever been looking at your map on your phone in a big city and wanted to see the entire thing as a whole? With this 3D digital map, this concept becomes a reality as the close range spaces are shown in a 3D scale, as the areas further away bend up, revealing an intricate look at the entire city plan to really give you a good view of the place.


We typically view the world on the map we have been shown since grade school, with North and South America residing in the western hemisphere, and Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia in the east. Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if the map was flipped and reversed? This mind blowing map shows an entirely different look to the world than we may be accustomed to. 


In 1793, the world, and especially western Europe, appeared to look a lot different to the residents of these respective countries. A strange and humorous drawing in this historic map shows the country of England shaped as a man resembling a jester, as France appears to be more of a peninsula, rather than connecting with the countries of Spain, Belgium, and Germany.


One of the more interesting maps over the past several decades came in 1972 when Ivan Anderson revealed what he believed to be 10 equidistant triangular points on the map that would coordinate antigravity areas, as well as explain interesting spots in the world such as the Bermuda Triangle and Japan's Devil's Sea.


The state of Africa today is largely due to the conquests of British, who controlled nearly the entire continent by 1914. Have you ever wondered what this continent would look like if these conquests and expeditions never occurred. This incredible map shows a slightly different take on Africa if the direction of history had indeed taken a different turn.


Notorious for being one of the most violent cities in the history of the United States, Chicago in the early 1930s was largely controlled by different gangs led by infamous criminals such as Al Capone. This interesting map shows each gang's section drawn and sectioned out according the setup believed in 1931.