Top 5 Road Trip Games

All this fabulous weather means family weekend road trips are a likely result. Whether you’re taking a trip to your local zoo or just wanting to get out and go hiking, time in the car with your kids can either be a nightmare with bored children taunting each other, or a fabulous experience if you’re prepared with some family fun games to play. We all remember those fun games we played as kids and a lot of those are still relevant today. However, as time moves on, so do the popular car games, so we went to the net to find some of the most popular car games for your next road trip.

#1: Slug Bug

In this article by Sarah Winkler for, she talks about a lot of ways to help your kids have a good time on road trips, but one of the games she recommends is still one of our favorites and that’s Slug Bug. While it might seem a bit frightening to inspire your youngster to “slug” each other, you can certainly make this a better situation by putting the rules out first thing. The author also gives you ways to jazz up this time honored game giving extra points for unusual colors or vintage bugs. Check out all the fun games you can play by reading the full article here. 

#2: License Plate Game

What with every vehicle on the road sporting a license plate, there’s a myriad of ways you can play the license plate game. That’s why writers Warren Clarke and Tori Tellem for, came up with some new twists on a time honored favorite car game. Whether you’re using the traditional game rules or you try some the new options listed in this article, your family will be kept amused for many miles when you get all the details for this fun game by reading the full article here. 

#3: Sweet or Sour

Sam Mende-Wong writing for, has quite a few fun car games in his repertoire, but one of our favorites was the sweet or sour game. This interactive game not only keeps everyone busy but it also has a positive effect on those you’ll be driving past as well. With one person listed as the score keeper, you just wave or smile at those people you pass, either in cars or on the street. Whenever someone waves or smiles back, you mark it in the sweet column. If they don’t then you mark it in the sour column. You could even give bonus points if you get more than you expect, like a kiss blown back. Get all the fun ideas when you read the full article here. 

#4: Car-I-Oke

A family road trip is a great way to have some time together for fun interaction. In this article posted on, they recommend turning the movies off for a while and playing some family car games together. Our favorite option in this article was the car-i-oke game. Singing together is bonding on many levels and there’s a lot of ways to play, whether you sing along to the radio, acapella or with a car karaoke machine, you’re bound to have a lot of fun. Get all the options for playing this game by reading the full article here. 

#5: I Spy

One of the time honored car games that can be adapted to all kinds of interests is I Spy. In this article by Jeanine Leder for, she gives us a whole slew of fun car games, but we especially love her suggestions for the old favorite I Spy. You can adapt this game to keep it current and fun for all ages by using some of the great options listed in this article. Read the full article here.