Top 5 Places to Hike in the US

It’s that time of year to get out into nature and do some hiking and we have found some of the best places to that in the country. Check out these articles and plan your next hiking adventure. 

#1: Yellowstone

Known for its natural beauty and amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, Yellowstone National Park is still one of the most popular spots for hiking, biking and enjoying nature. This article posted on gives you lots of information on several fabulous places to go and enjoy the outdoors, but our favorite was still Yellowstone and you’ll want to read the full article here to get all the details on what to do and where to go in that fabulous gift from nature. 

#2: Denali

In this article by Adam Seper for, you’ll get a fabulous list of wonderful places to go and have the hike of a lifetime, but if you really want to get back to raw beauty in nature, you’re going to love our favorite Denali Park in Alaska. The true wilderness you get to experience in Denali Park is like no other place you’ll ever go. Once you are past the entrance, there are literally no marked trails and you are absolutely in the bush. If you’re looking for a marked trail, the article recommends Mount Healy Overlook Trail or Savage River Loop Trail. They are both fabulous and will give you a hike that you will remember for a lifetime. Check out all the details by reading the full article here. 

#3: Grand Canyon

One of the most popular hiking trails in the United States and the world is the jewel of the west, the Grand Canyon. In this article by Alexander Davies for he gives us the low down on a lot of great hiking trails and opportunities, but our favorite is still the Grand Canyon. With vistas and natural beauty that you simply won’t find anywhere else, the Grand Canyon is a site everyone should see and hike on sometime in their life. Get all the fun details by reading the full article here. 

#4: Yosemite

If you’ve ever dreamed about hiking and exploring Yosemite National Park, you’re not alone and that’s why we highly recommend this article posted on The article goes into great detail on all of the amazing trails and scenic opportunities in Yosemite. It gives you ratings on difficulty, beauty and enjoyment of the hike. Check out all the amazing options and details by reading the full article here. 

#5: West Maroon Creek

For scenic unspoiled beauty and a range of differing flora, fauna and landscape, there’s nothing quite like the West Maroon Creek hike in Colorado according to this article posted on This ten mile hike is challenging not only because of the fairly rough terrain but also because of the altitude. If you hike at the right time, you’ll be blessed with a beautiful display of wildflowers in bloom that will burn itself into your memory. Get all the details on how you can take this amazing hike by reading the full article here.