Best Cars for Road Trips

With summer approaching quickly, road trips will be planned on a regular basis as family and friends hit the roads all across the country to make some great vacation memories. Whether you are just passing through a couple of different states, or making the incredible trips to hit the entire lower 48, picking the right vehicle is arguably the most important decision to make. Whether you are using a car you already own, or opting for a rental, making sure your vehicle is in top form to handle the long trek is essential to the success of your trip. If you are getting ready to head out on the road, here are a few vehicles to consider before setting out on your trip.

One of the most important features in a great road trip car is having enough space. While you don't necessarily want to sacrifice on efficiency and gas mileage, no one wants to have their knees up in their chest for eight hours in a car. If you have four, five, or more people to seat in a car on a long road trip, one great option is the 2014 Honda Odyssey. While this car seats eight people and can accommodate up to five child safety seats, it also contains many amenity features, such as an in-car cooler, and a 16.2 inch widescreen television for hours of entertainment.

If the minivan isn't necessarily your style, but you still need something to handle a larger crowd, the Chevrolet Suburban is a classic choice to go with for a long road trip. Seating up to nine, while still providing tons of storage space as well, this larger vehicle is one of the best all around vehicles as it also gives tons of options for hooking up your smart devices for plenty of entertainment on the road.

If luxury is a top priority on your mind for a lengthy road trip, look no further than the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. With an incredible 93.6 cubic feet of space in the cabin, this is by far one of the most comfortable and roomy cars you could ever step in for a trip. While luxury and class are at the top of the list, this outstanding vehicle also provides the driver with up to 26 highway mpg, giving you one of the best all around larger SUVs available on the market today, and an excellent choice for your next adventure.

Which car do you think is perfect for a road trip? Have you taken any of these vehicles out? Be sure to let us know in the comments! 

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    Brian Tamayo (Wednesday, 27 May 2015 22:51)

    I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander (81K miles already) & it has been through road trips to Los Angeles (LA), San Diego, Las Vegas/Laughlin & Reno. Very roomy for five passengers, but not seven (if the third row seat is up). Gets about 18 city/24 highway, which is decent for a long drive.