About Us

GlareStomper was founded in 2005 and is a solely owned company of Reichert Enterprises. We are located in Corona, So. California (the sunshine state). You may contact us at 888.739.3073.

The Story of GlareStomper

About 10 years ago, I purchased my first portable GPS unit, a Tomtom GO. I was so excited to play with this marvel of technology that I fired it up, got it locked on to the satellites, and sat for hours in the house just messing around with it.

OK, now it was time for a real test! I took it outside to my car. The first thing I noticed walking to my cars was that I could no longer see the display! This wasn’t unexpected, "it will be OK once I get in in the car" I thought. Well, guess what? It wasn’t any better in the car at all! My heart sank. I just spent $400 on something that in real conditions was pretty much useless. The screen was so washed out by the sunlight, all I could see was myself reflected in the shiny display.

I began to search the internet for a solution to this problem. I found anti-glare screen protectors, but those inhibit the touch sensitivity of the touch-screen.

Now, what is the most natural thing to do when sunlight is wiping something out? I reached up and put my hand over the display. Bingo! I could see the screen again.

Knowing that this was NOT a safe way to drive, I invented the first Visor or Shade that would solve the Glare problem. GlareStomper® was born! It is the original anti-glare visor designed specifically for GPS units.

In the beginning, after releasing our visors for sale, we were contacted by a major GPS company, who wanted to carry these as an accessory in their catalog. Once the idea was presented to upper management though, they decided not to. Do you know the reason they gave? Because they didn't want to give the impression that their GPS products had poor display visibility by offering a solution for a problem that they claimed didn’t exist.

We knew the problem existed and still exists today. Over the years, we continued to improve the product, making it better looking, using better materials, and introducing different sizes, and placing a wire in the front edge of the visor for more rigidity. As GPS devices are produced with larger displays, we have continued to introduce larger models of visors.

'Knockoff' visors began to emerge, especially out of Korea. Those cheap, way too small visors wouldn’t do anything to solve the problem of sun hitting the screen. We knew that, and felt terrible for all the folks that would buy these, only to discover they wouldn't work.

On the other hand, GlareStomper GPS visors kept getting rave reviews by those who actually purchased and used them. Also known as glare reducing hoods or shades, GlareStomper's simple design has stood the test of time. Based on user suggestions, we now sew a small gauge wire into the front edge of every visor/shade. This adds more stability on motorcycle applications and allows the user to shape the front edge of the visor into a nice square shape.

Today, we continue to be the leader in anti-glare shades because we ‘stayed the course’ on the original design. We are the first (and only I believe) to offer a visor that folds when not in use. This provides extra protection for your display. Because of this, you never need to completely remove my visor, shade, hood from your GPS. Just fold it up and put it away with your unit.

I hope you get as much practical use out of this product as I have. Oh, and one other point. We vowed to run this business and treat customers exactly the way we expected to be treated. We let folks try the product for a full 30 days and if they (for any reason) don’t think it’s right for them, we refund the entire purchase price including any shipping charges.

Also, if you need to transfer your GPS Shade to another GPS unit, we supply replacement Velcro for free!

You won’t find a better deal than that. Enjoy!

D.R.R. (Inventor & Owner of GlareStomper)