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Garmin Lets Users Track Location and Health with Vivofit


When you think of Garmin, you probably think of a device with GPS hood and mount for a car. While this type of product is very common, Garmin has actually produced a wide range of other products that are meant for use in other aspects of the average persons’ life. The Vivofit is Garmin’s way of combining GPS technology with the personal health needs of the consumer.

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Tracking OR-7 the Wolf: Federal Biologists Have No Plans to Replace GPS Collar

Wolf OR-7

In 2011, a wolf became a wildlife celebrity among nature enthusiasts and residents of Oregon. The wolf, which was tagged with a GPS-enabled collar and labeled OR-7, left his pack in northeastern Oregon and headed west. This unusual behavior change came days after a kill order was issued for his father and a sibling who had become a nuisance by preying on local livestock.

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TomTom’s Improved Go Series PNDs Won’t Be Replaced By Smartphone GPS

Many people have found that most of their mobile devices can be set aside for a single smartphone. A good smartphone can do a lot, but TomTom has improved its PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) so they won’t be trumped by the average mobile phone.


What’s So Great about the TomTom Go Series PND?

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Garmin Reveals its G3X Touch System for Aircraft

Garmin G3x

March 2013 was an exciting month for aviation enthusiasts because this was the month that Garmin announced its new G3X Touch technology.

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