Blog Archive - Feb 2014

Advice for New Geocachers!

GPS owners have found that geocaching can be a lot of fun. It gives families a reason to go out together and explore their local community or discover whole new areas they have never visited. There’s something exhilarating about successfully tracking down a hidden cache.

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Can GPS Help Save India’s Endangered Snow Leopards?

Snow Leopards

A reliable GPS device with a GlareStomper can really improve your navigation skills and travel time, but what can the same technology do for living creatures?


The State Wildlife Department has decided to try using GPS to help study and preserve the endangered Indian snow leopard.

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Geocaching at the Super Bowl?

Geocaching at Super Bowl

GPS and the super bowl have one thing in common: the Weehawk. The Swanson family decided to get into the football spirit through geocaching.

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GPS is Changing the Way We Fight Wars

Robot Army

Travel is much easier when you have your GPS device setup and ready to go. Imagine how much easier it could be if that same technology would do more than just guide you with visual maps and audio cues? The United States Army is currently working on that exact concept.

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