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Taking GPS Indoors: Is Improved Tracking Capability Coming?

Anyone who loves electronic gadgets has probably identified a discrepancy in the way GPS and smartphones function. GPS is a wonderful thing. It can tell you where you’re going when traveling to the beach or trying to find the right building for a job interview. Just put on your GPS shade hood, turn on the device and you’re ready to navigate streets, highways and back roads. The problem is that once you step inside, you’re on your own.

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GPS, the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet MH370 and How You Can Help

Sometimes we forget that even the most advanced GPS technology isn’t 100% reliable. Most people assume that a large vehicle like an airplane would be relatively easy to track using GPS – or at least they did up until the recent disappearance of Malaysian Airlines jet MH370. As far as the rest of the world knows, the aircraft and the 239 people inside it simply vanished.

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Garmin Nuvi Presents Advanced GPS Navigation for Vehicles

Garmin continues to impress with vast improvements to its Nuvi GPS device. This product line is divided into three groups: the Essential, Advanced and Prestige series. The Essential includes 5” to 6” touchscreens, the Advance series is available in 4.3”, 5” and 7” touchscreens while the Prestige is only available in 5”.

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Tear Up the Pavement with the TomTom Rider GPS for Motorcycles

Tomtom Rider

The #TomTom #Rider is GPS made just for motorcycles! As the weather gets warmer, more and more riders are tuning up their bikes and getting ready to enjoy the summer scenery with the wind in their face and two wheels on the pavement. This is also a great time to look into adding a TomTom Rider with GPS hood to your favorite ride.

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