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GPS Is Used in More Than You Think!

There’s no denying the impact #navigation technology has had on society as a whole. More vehicles are equipped with #GPS systems and more accessories like the GlareStomper are made available. Some people even use GPS for fun through geocaching. What if you’re not into geocaching and you don’t travel often? There are many ways that GPS technology influences how we live.

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Colorado is the Future of GPS: New Technology from the Centennial State

gps III satellite

Colorado is a state known primarily for things like mountains, cattle, wheat and the 1850 Gold Rush. Soon, the Centennial State may be recognized for something much more modern: the future generation of GPS. GPS III technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin right in Jefferson County, Colorado.

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Golfers Rejoice: A Garmin GPS Handheld Made Just for the Green!

golf green

Golfers will love technology even more when they see what Garmin has in store for serious players. The wireless Approach is a Garmin handheld device that gives players access to a number of sport-related tools while they play.

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Un-Jammable GPS? U.K. Researchers Say “YES!”

Every time you plug in, put your GPS shade on and tap in your destination, you probably don’t worry too much about jamming. Jamming, or the act of using a small pocket-sized device to hinder a GPS signal, is actually a very serious problem.

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Couple Lost for Weeks Thanks to GPS


Many people attach their GPS shade hood, plug in the device and assume that they are ready to find their way to any location. There are many reasons to love modern GPS. As we bask in the convenience that is satellite positioning technology, it’s also important to remember to not lose touch with traditional navigation techniques

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