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TomTom Improves Its Mobile App for Runner & Multisport Users

TomTom Runner and Multisport owners rejoice: the company has released a phone app that allows for more functionality from both devices. Mobile access is a must for newer technology, especially in the GPS industry.

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Garmin Makes RV Driving Even Safer with the RV 760


RVs have become a popular part of the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you go RVing all year round or just on the weekend, Garmin has a handy device that can make you a safer RV owner. The RV 760 is designed specifically for recreational vehicles and includes a number of must-have features that can prevent accidents.

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GPS vs. the Taxi: France May Ban GPS Apps in Favor of Taxi Service

Paris Taxi Sign

GPS and the internet has presented a number of unique opportunities that give people more options in their everyday lives. One such option has become hugely popular in France.


GPS enabled apps let users look for or offer rides and participate in lift sharing schemes. Users can save money and have more options when trying to get around populated areas. It really

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GPS Precision at its Finest by 2018

#GPS #technology has had a profound impact on society in general. Despite its many advancements, it’s still not a perfect science. The GPS enabled products available to consumers today work well, but sometimes encounter hiccups. Low resolution viewing, losing line of sight to the sky and other challenges can stop today’s GPS devices from functioning properly, sometimes leaving the user blind and lost.

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