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As it says on the tin …!!

Trying to use a TOM TOM on a bright day in sunny Spain is a problem , TOM TOM don’t list a suitable solution [ WHY ..??] and the Chinese offerings looked very iffy, I then discovered your site …..prayers answered ….!! Swift dispatch and delivered to Spain in 10 days . Problem solved ,… Read more “As it says on the tin …!!”

Chris Kerry

Glare Stomper saves the Day!

The picture shows the Glare Stomper from the passenger side of my 2010 Buick LaCrosse. Before I bought this a fixed it to fit in my 2010 Buick LaCrosse, the glare from the sun (I live in Phoenix, AZ) was so bad that I could not see the screen of the GPS in the summer… Read more “Glare Stomper saves the Day!”

Ronald Geiken

Kenny – Mission Viejo CA

Love It! Love It! Love It!
I had one of these on my Gamin Nuvi on my motorcycle. I decided to get a motorcycle specific TomTom and order the Glarestomper the same day as I ordered my GPS. The Glarestomper arrived the next day. I had to wait several days for my GPS to… Read more “Kenny – Mission Viejo CA”

Lostgerry – England

The Visor WAS FAN-BLOOD-TASTIC !! My goodness me what a brilliant bit of kit ! Transforms GPS when the sun is out – GO GET ONE, you will love it!

Robert – Hayward, CA

When I first opened the package I thought this was a JOKE! It sat on my desk for weeks before I call your company to ask for a refund. You convinced me to TRY IT! So I decided what the hell, I’d better give it a try. I was AMAZED! What a difference! I can… Read more “Robert – Hayward, CA”

R. Moreno (Arvada, CO)

Works as advertised. I purchased this item for my Garmin Zumo 660 for use on my motorcycle, but I even use it the car. Took it a road trip, everyone thought that the GlareStomper was the greatest add-on for a GPS they have ever seen.

Dingo1421 Belview, WA

I belong to a riding club and saw one of your shades on another guys ride. I ordered one for myself and after using it for several weeks was thrilled. Since then, we have purchased at least 7 of your products for various GPS units. Wanted to say what a great product and thanks for… Read more “Dingo1421 Belview, WA”

Jack – St. Cloud, MN

‘Had a chance to do a short 200 mile loop using the GlareStomper this past weekend. What a difference! No more “wash-outs” like I used to get, where I was reduced to merely listening to my GPS directions at times. The GlareStomper will DEFINITELY be accompanying us on our run down to the National Victory… Read more “Jack – St. Cloud, MN”

Jennifer – Huntington Beach, CA

I had bought one of these a few years ago for my One XL & introduced my uncle to this product too & he purchased one & now since I just bought a new GPS I am glad to purchase another one! Great product, it does the trick!

Larry Palmer

This product is one of those rare solutions that is simple, cheap, easy to use and works exactly as advertized if not better.have them on my 4 motorcycles and pickup. ride the bikes coast to coast, north/south, east/west, these visors are great. they even do yeomen’s duty in the rain, with the gps behind a… Read more “Larry Palmer”

Bob – Eugene, Or

Great product and a good “bang-for-the-buck” as they say. I had to do a bit of fitting to get it to securely fit the Garmin Nuvi and the associated Ram-mount on my motorcycle. But all is well. Although the screen contrast is not as great as what is shown on the Glare Stomper webpage, there… Read more “Bob – Eugene, Or”

John Bentley Ottawa Canada

I eagerly installed the Glare Stomper over my Tom Tom 730 on my motorcycle as soon as it arrived last week and promptly went out for a ride during a very very sunny and hot day.
The Glare Stomper reduced the glare on the screen by only about 25% at the most regardless of… Read more “John Bentley Ottawa Canada”

Dean, Alberta, Canada

I bought the glare-shield with great expectations that it would cure all my problems. It did not, until I realized that my polarized sunglasses were the problem. I bought a pair of Photohromic or otherwise known as Transitional sunglasses and now I can see my screen perfectly. Photochromic or Transitional sunglasses are the kind that… Read more “Dean, Alberta, Canada”

Ian – Geraldton, Western Australia

Wy TomTom was all but useless in bright sunlight until I fitted a Glare Stomper. Now I can use it in all conditions.

Warren in El Paso, TX

I just wanted to say thanks for coming up with this wonderful product! This is the 3rd one I have puurchased over last year and now use them on all my GPS units. One ona motorcycle and 2 in family cars. I’ll never use a GPS without a glaresomper on it. Especially the motorcycle. Keep… Read more “Warren in El Paso, TX”

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