Built-in-dash Mounting Methods

Our visors are NOT made for this purpose. HOWEVER, THEY WILL WORK!

Just use the information below to see if YOUR SITUATION applies.


If it won't work in the end, SEND IT BACK FOR A REFUND! No worries.

  1. READ this page
  2. MEASURE your display
  3. Then CLICK HERE


Mounting on Top of Dash

GlareStomper GPS Visor for Toyota Prius
322 Visor Mounted On Prius

Here's an example

of our 322 Shade

installed on a Toyota Prius.

Mounting Inside of Dash Cavity




  1. Place adhesive Velcro® patches on the lower inside walls of the display cavity.
  2. Fold the visor to the correct shape and attach it using the Velcro® patches sewn on to the visor.


For most cars you'll need a 324 visor.

BUT use our Sizing Tool to be sure.


Mounting on a Flat Surface

  1. Nip the back edge of the visor in 2 places where the top section of the visor should transition to the sides. IMPORTANT: Kitchen shears are great for this! Use just enough of the point of the shears to cut in through the Velcro portion of the back edge. You can also use a carpenter's knife.
  2. The distance between these cuts should equal the width of your display.
  3. Fold the back edges out 90 degrees as shown in the illustration.
  4. Place adhesive Velcro® on the flat surfaces and attach the Visor.