GlareStomper® is the original GPS Shade/Visor that solves the hideous problem of not being able to actually see your GPS display when sunlight strikes the screen.

It creates a darkened tunnel around the display by blocking sunlight from the top AND both sides; allowing you to see your display much better.

If you are on a motorcycle, for example, or in a convertible, you understand the challenge of being able to actually read any information on the GPS.

Our shades fold down over the display for storage. When you want to use your GPS again, just pop the visor open. They are also water repellant. The fabric is backed by a layer of rubberized material. So if they get wet, it is no problem.

As a bonus, the shade will prevent the display from reflecting on your windshield in vehicles while night driving.

We supply a strip of Velcro® that you place on your GPS. This is specially designed to have a high temperature tolerance so it will not melt like regular Velcro®.

Once this strip is in place, our shade is simply attached to that strip. It can be removed by detaching from the Velcro®, but the great part is; it does not need to be removed at all because it folds down for storage!