Universal Desktop Monitor Visor

Quick Overview
  • Fits virtually all 15-22 inch wide monitors.
  • 11 inches deep to provide very effective glare control.
  • Universal, rugged one-piece hood that conforms its shape to fit virtually any 15-22 inch wide monitor.
  • One-piece design conforms to all styles of desktop monitors, flat screen or CRT
  • Attaches with pre-installed hook & loop fastener strips

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Monitor manufacturers often classify their models based on diagonal screen measurements which are greater than the actual width of the monitor. For example, the Apple Thunderbolt 27 inch display measures only 25.7 inches in housing width. Measure the housing width from edge-to-edge to determine the correct CompUshade model for your monitor.

2-Step Installation is Simple

(1) Attach the 3 pressure sensitive loop strips to your computer

(2) Mate the hood to your monitor by allowing the factory-pre-installed hook strips on the hood to engage the loop strips



Glare Stomper